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Tweaking the visual styles

Now that you have finished changing the visual styles using one of the two methods that I described, you can customize the look of your computer a little more by tweaking the visual style. One thing that I always like to customize after I change the visual style is the title bar height. You can easily do so by changing the window metrics:

1. Right-click the desktop and select Properties.

2. Then, click the Advanced button on the Appearance tab.

3. Click either the active or inactive title bar of the preview image and then adjust the Size setting next to the Item drop-down box.

4. While you are changing the size, you might want to also customize the fonts. You can do so by clicking the text for which you want to change the font, and then selecting the font.

5. Click OK to save your changes.

6. Click OK once more to close Display Properties and activate the new changes.

Customizing the way a visual style looks is always refreshing. Usually when you install any system, you find a few things that you wish were just a little different. Now you know how to refine your desktop to look its best.

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