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Using the wallpaper PowerToy

Using the wallpaper PowerToy
We all like changing our wallpaper every once in a while.We get tired of staring at the same old photo or pattern and like to select a new image that we downloaded on the Web or made ourselves. Back in April of 2003, Microsoft released a series of creativity fun packs that included all sorts of neat things, such as different types of themed templates as well as a few new PowerToys. One of those PowerToys was called the Wallpaper Changer. This PowerToy is an application that will automatically rotate your wallpaper over a given period of time that you set. Additionally, you can specify a folder of images to use so that you can control which images are rotated.

I like to use the Wallpaper Changer to change my wallpaper weekly, although it is possible to set it up to change your wallpaper every 15 minutes. If the Wallpaper Changer is something that interests you, visit create_powertoy.asp to download a copy yourself. Then, follow these steps to configure it.

1. Once you have installed the Wallpaper Changer PowerToy, you can start it up by clicking the Start Menu, navigating to All Programs, expanding PowerToys for Windows XP, and then selecting Wallpaper Changer.

2. When the Wallpaper Changer has loaded, select the folder that you want to use as your source of the images using the browsing box.

3. Then, just set the interval between wallpaper changes by sliding the marker across the line.

4. Once you have the interval set, just click OK and your settings will be saved.

The Wallpaper Changer will allow you to customize your desktop like never before. Now you will always have a nice-looking desktop that is always new.

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